assalammualaikum ,seriously its been such a long time since i update this blog kann ? .hee :) ,nway berbalik pada tajuk laa kann ,im hurting again ,and this time its the bad one but dont know why i cant seems to face the truth lagi kan ,im reay hard to survive on this one ,its hard and its hurt sbb aku sayang melampau.lampau ..hahaha ,over benOo ayat kann ..nway ,blogger now da easy laa ,bole download kat phone and just tulis cerita senang jee ,very easy laa ! ..insyaAllah ,will wrote more ..hehe ,maybe interest thing from KK Sabah ni kann ..nway sekarang ni aku da start study balik kat KK ..hehe ,ma hometown ni ..hehehe ..nway thats all kot for now ...maybe later on ,i will update something else kann ..will keep on survive n go on with my life ...

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